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Professional Development Program on “Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership”

27 May 2024

During the past few years, we all have witnessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s daily lives. As reported by many companies, many employees have shown changes personally and professionally because of the challenges that they faced at home and at work during the disruption. While working from home and dealing with family situations at the same time, some people have become more vocal in communicating their needs for moral and psychological support and resources from their organizations in order to perform their tasks to achieve business goals. Some are becoming more sensitive to workplace irritations, such that they wouldn’t mind looking for another job somewhere that could provide better work experiences and benefits. On the positive side, some employees are becoming more compassionate and empathetic to others who are suffering more than they do.

In response to the challenges and experiences of employees, human resource leaders and practitioners have shifted their focus more on addressing people’s needs to sustain their engagement and improve their performance to achieve organizational goals. The HR management functions of attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining employees need to be both strategic and human-centric so that workers will be more productive, competitive, innovative, and resilient in serving its customers/markets. The HR department, together with the organization’s leaders, decision-makers, and line managers, have to ensure that the digital transformation of HR functions are done with the users in mind, instead of focusing only on the automation of services and experiences.

This training course is designed to support HR leaders and professionals in their quest for best practices that will be more beneficial to their organization’s human resources and for the achievement of business targets. By providing them a better understanding of how to be both strategic and human-centered in their HR strategies and initiatives, and giving them opportunities to explore various frameworks, tools, and techniques, they will be able to translate strategic thinking into actionable outcomes that will make all stakeholders happy.

Session: Practicing Strategic And Human-Centered HR Management


This course aims to:

  • provide a clear understanding of strategic and human-centered HRM approaches and practices;
  • explore various ways of promoting a culture of innovation, engagement, and resilience within the organization; and
  • provide examples of how organizations leverage technology to transform HR experiences.

Date: 27 – 31 May 2024
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology

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