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Register now – CCRASEAL 1st Thematic workshop on 10th January 2023

10 Jan 2023
8:30am - 4:30pm

Dear AIT Community,

CCRASEAL project is pleased to invite you to attend the regional thematic workshop “Towards the Integration of Earth Observation, Geospatial and Conventional Technologies for Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring and Assessment in Southeast Asia” to be held on 10th January 2023, at Novotel Bangkok Future Park Rangsit, 12130 Pathum Thani, Thailand, and in hybrid mode.

The workshop is organized within the framework of the Climate Change Risk Assessment for Southeast Asian Lakes (CCRASEAL), a research project funded by the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN), led by Dr. Salvatore G.P. Virdis, Associate Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology.”

The workshop aims at assessing current earth observation and geospatial technologies, methods and data integration approaches for coastal and inland water quality/quantity monitoring and evaluation at regional and local scales It will elicit collaboration among government agencies, research, academic community and private sector, in order to identify best practices for water quality and quantity monitoring and assessment in Southeast Asia.

The event will bring together a range of stakeholders including CCRASEAL collaborators from the five focus countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia and Vietnam, government officials, civil society, NGOs, working professionals on water quality/quantity assessment and management in private sectors and academia.

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