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Side Event – Plastic Free Rivers for Resilient Riverine Communities

23 Nov 2022
1:30pm - 4:30pm

We are pleased to announce the Side Event – Plastic Free Rivers for Resilient Riverine Communities, which is being held on 23rd November 2022 (13:30 – 16:30) in Bangkok, Thailand.

For a pollution free planet, UNEP has been implementing plastic pollution-related projects in the Mekong basin countries since 2019. Past projects aimed to identify a region-based model for monitoring and assessment of plastic leakage and pollution reduction targeting land-based plastic leakage entering waterways such as rivers and canals or drainages to the sea. This year, our project focuses on providing the riverine communities in the Mekong Region with the means to address the problem of plastic pollution in areas and sectors with climate change-induced risks, building on existing initiatives and instruments and supported by and grounded in science, international cooperation, and multi-stakeholder engagement.

In this context, we organize a side event to explore the current challenges of an inclusive approach towards plastic-free rivers with a circular economy approach and the role of digital technology and citizen engagement as critical enablers for enhancing inclusive processes. The regional experts from academia, governments, and the private sector will be invited to provide their experience and lessons learned on mobilizing the power of community toward a circular economy and plastic-free rivers.

For more information: https://www.aprscp.net/roundtable/16th-aprscp/ 
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Trent Roeksangket 
Senior Content Specialist 

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