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Summer Training Program on “Aquaculture Development & Aquatic Resources Management In South & Southeast Asia”

08 Jul 2024

Aquaculture is currently a global industry, and it is also the world’s fastest food production sector. Living aquatic resources play a fundamental role in sustaining the livelihoods of many of the rural poor in Asia, providing crucial buffers to shock and food insecurity, and offering opportunities for diverse and flexible forms of income generation. As the world population is expected to reach around 8.6 billion by 2030 and around 10 billion by 2050, FAO estimates that aquaculture should grow by 33% from the level of 76 million tons in 2017 to nearly 103 million tons by 2030, which is 6 million tons more than the capture fishery. The Asia-Pacific region produces almost 90% of the global aquaculture output. Increasing food demands due to rapid population growth will continue to drive aquaculture producers to use more and more intensive methods from accessible land and water areas. Emphasis must therefore be given to more effective use of low-cost technologies including emerging ICTs, innovations, appropriate management practices and securing rights of access and control. This summer training program on Aquaculture Development & Aquatic Resources Management, which will be held in Thailand and coordinated by AIT Extension of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), is designed for graduate and undergraduate students to uplift their knowledge on sustainable aquaculture production and resilient aquatic resources management practices including innovation and advancements of aquaculture and fisheries industry in South and Southeast Asian Countries. Besides technical input sessions and hands-on training, the program will expose the students to the international and multicultural learning and knowledge environment of AIT, and to the culture and people of Thailand.

Training Contents:

  • Aquatic Resources System and Management – principles and practices
  • Recent trends and developments in Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management – global perspective with an emphasis on South and Southeast Asia
  • Sustainable Aquaculture Planning and Management – case studies on policies adopted in Thailand and other South and Southeast Asian Region
  • Coastal Aquaculture Development and ICZM – emerging practices, issues and strategies
  • Sustainable Fisheries Management – interventions from national and international agencies
  • New Technologies, Tools and Strategies for sustainable, resilient and innovative Aquaculture
  • Hands-on session: seed production, nursing, feed and nutrition, and health management in aquaculture and shrimp farming
  • Probiotics in Aquaculture
  • Visit and observe good practices of intensive and sustainable Aquaculture Production
  • Exposure to Aquarium Technology and Good Practices
  • Experiential learning on Aquaponics System (growing fish and vegetables together)
  • Aquaculture for Rural Development
  • Practical learning on methods and procedures of post-harvest, processing, and value addition of aquatic products

Date: 8-19 July 2024
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology

Training Fee: USD 1,500/- (Inclusive of training-related expenses, excluding accommodation and subsistence allowances)

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