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Webinar on “Secrets of Storytelling: Emotional Connections to Elevate Your Public Speaking”

31 Oct 2023

In the fast and furious world that we live in – where everyone is bombarded with information and distractions – your communication needs to be sharp, engaging, and memorable, otherwise, you will fade into the background and be quickly forgotten.

Effective presentations, compelling reports, and engaging meetings base their success on stories that create authentic connections with the audience and move it to action. They do not lie. They simply apply scientific evidence, structures, and techniques to make messages cut through the chaos.


  • The importance of storytelling from Aristotle to Amazon: ethos, logos, pathos
  • Straight to the heart: why neuroscientists fall in love with stories
  • Visualizations and multisensoriality
  • Empathy-based communication: “start with why”
  • Tips to boost confidence in public speaking

Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2023
Time: 14:00 hrs. Bangkok time

Mario De Pinto (Project Manager at Disal Consulting)

Mario De Pinto is a consultant in strategy, public policy, and communication. He graduated in International Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan and completed his studies at the London School of Economics and Cambridge University. He has served a wide range of clients including the World Economic Forum (measuring the impact of geospatial services on African agriculture and mining sector), INSEAD (research paper “Talent on the Move” for the French Government), NetflixGeoscience Australia, as well as startups in the bioenergy and fashion industry.

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