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Dr. Chaiwut Gamonpilas

Adjunct Faculty
Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology, Food Innovation, Nutrition, and Health, Department of Food, Agriculture, and Bioresources

2005 PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

2000 MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

  • Structure, properties and processing relationship of complex systems
  • Food technology/food rheology
  • Food Biopolymers/hydrocolloids
  • 3D food printing
  1. Kongjaroen, A., Methacanon, P., Seetapan, N., Fuongfuchat, A., Gamonpilas, C., & Nishinari, K. (2022). Effects of dispersing media on the shear and extensional rheology of xanthan gum and guar gum-based thickeners used for dysphagia management. Food Hydrocolloids, 107857.
  2. Gamonpilas, C., Benyajati, C. na, Sritham, W., Soparat, J., Limprayoon, N., Seetapan, N., & Fuongfuchat, A. (2022). Roles of viscosity, applied load and surface wettability on the lubrication behaviour of model liquid/semi-solid foods: Measurements with a bespoke tribo-cell fixture and rotational rheometer. Current Research in Food Science, 5, 57–64.
  3. Kongjaroen, A., Methacanon, P., & Gamonpilas, C. (2021). On the assessment of shear and extensional rheology of thickened liquids from commercial gum-based thickeners used in dysphagia management. Journal of Food Engineering, 316,110820.
  4. Methacanon, P., Gamonpilas, C., Kongjaroen, A., & Buathongjan, C. (2021). Food polysaccharides and roles of rheology and tribology in rational design of thickened liquids for oropharyngeal dysphagia: A review. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 20, 4101-4119.
  5. Gamonpilas, C., Buathongjan, C., Kirdsawasd, T., Rattanaprasert, M., Klomtun, M., Phonsatta, N., & Methacanon, P. (2021). Pomelo pectin and fiber: Some perspectives and applications in food industry. Food Hydrocolloids, 120, 106981.