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Prof. Dieter Trau

Dean, Director
School of Engineering and Technology / AIT Entrepreneurship Center
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  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2001 Department of Chemistry, HKUST in Hong Kong in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Berlin, Germany.
  • Engineering degree (Dipl. Ing. FH) in Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology, 1994 Aachen University of Applied Science, Aachen/Jülich, Germany.

Development of new approaches and platform technologies for bioanalytics, biosensors and diagnostics. By utilizing synergies within microfabrication, encapsulation technology, surface/colloidal chemistry and molecular biology novel analytical techniques and devices are created. Expert in analytical chemistry, colloidal chemistry and encapsulation. Major invention are “Reverse Phase LbL Encapsulation Technology“ to encapsulate macromolecular drugs; “Microcapsule-PCR” to perform millions of PCRs in parallel; “In-situ Encoded Bead Microarrays“ for protein multiplexing; “Supernova biolabel technology“ for ultra-high sensitive bioassays; “PHOTOPETTE handheld photometer” technology enabling the first personal photometer and “BiliOptics Sclera Scanner” for non-invasive jaundice diagnostics and management in infants. Patents are granted for most of Dr Trau’s technologies and commercialized by several companies including Capsulution GmbH and 8sens Biognostic GmbH in Germany, Supernova Ltd in Hong Kong and AYOXXA Pte Ltd/GmbH and Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd in Germany and Singapore.

  • 1st Prize at “Best of Biotech” Competition with AYOXXA, Austria 2010
  • Kaufman Foundation Global Top50 Start-Up 2010 with AYOXXA
  • “Promising NUS Startup Award” including 100,000 SGD price money, Singapore, 2013
  • 2nd Prize “Asian Entrepreneurship Award”, Japan, 2013
  • Multiple awards with student projects from the Trau Lab, e.g. EMedIC Global Competition 2018