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Dr. Krishna R. Salin

Associate Professor
Aquaculture And Aquatic Resources Management, Department of Food, Agriculture and Bioresources

Doctor of Philosophy (Mariculture), Central Institute of Fisheries Education (Deemed University), Mumbai, India, 1998-2003

Bachelor of Fisheries Science (M.F.Sc. Aquaculture), College of Fisheries, Kerala Agricultural University, India. 1994-1996

Master of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.), College of Fisheries, Kerala Agricultural University, India. 1989-1994

  • Cleaner Aquaculture Production Systems
  • Applied genetics in aquaculture / stock improvement and management
  • Aquaculture-environment interactions
  • Innovative hatchery techniques for fish and crustaceans
  • Climate-smart fisheries and aquaculture production / consumption
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  4. Das  D,  Ul  Basar  N,  Ullah  H,  Salin  KR,  Datta  A.  (2021)  Interactive  effect  of  silicon  and mycorrhizal  inoculation  on  growth,  yield  and  water  productivity  of  rice  under  waterdeficit stress. Journal  of  Plant Nutrition  (Accepted).  (Journal  Impact  Factor:  1.132)
  5. Suleiman,  B.,  Salin,  K.R.,  and  Kuwornu,  K.  (2021)  Willingness  to  adopt  aquaculture  as an  alternative  livelihood  option  –  a  case  study  of  the  fishers  and  livestock  farmers  of Adamawa  State,  Nigeria.  International  Journal  of  Value  Chain  Management (https://doi.org/10.1504/ijvcm.2021.112842).