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Computer Science (CS)

This field of study fosters high-level teaching and research in computer science and aims to meet the growing regional demand for persons skilled in various aspects of computing. One focus is on educating educators who can, in turn, effectively disseminate knowledge and skills to more people.

The core curriculum in computer science covers all aspects of computing, with the faculty particularly active in artificial intelligence, software engineering, networking, and information systems. The program also endeavors to enhance teaching and research activities in computer architectures, object orientation, neural networks, multimedia, and other rapidly-evolving areas in computer science.

The courses and research topics range from those addressing the practical problems of application development, to those dealing with the abstract and philosophical issues of computer science and advanced computing. Students are also encouraged to take courses and conduct research in areas of Computer Science that interact with Information Management, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Telecommunications, Mechatronics, and other fields covered at the Institute.

Computer Science with Specialization in Software Engineering

In addition to the traditional Master’s program in computer science, the CS FoS also offers a Master’s degree in computer science with a specialization in software engineering. The Software Engineering Area of Specialization (SE AoS) is specially designed to fill the Asia-Pacific region’s needs for highly-trained specialists in software development and the management of software development projects. Students in the program will:

  • Receive in-depth training in the latest software development tools techniques, and trends
  • Learn the industry’s best practices for the management of large software projects
  • Get experience with real problems in collaboration with public and private sector partners during internships.

The software engineering program is particularly aimed at students who already have work experience in the software industry.

Program Brochure

Research Focus Area

  • Applications development
  • Abstract and philosophical issues of computer science and advanced computing
  • Information management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Telecommunication
  • Mechatronics
  • Internships
  • Software engineering

Preferred Background

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics, or Mathematics 
  • Master’s degree in any of the above disciplines

Course Structure

Master Program Requirements: 48 Credits (2 Years)
Thesis OptionResearch Option 1Research Option 2
Required Courses (4 courses)12 credits12 credits12 credits
Elective Courses14 credits12 credits12 credits
Thesis22 credits
Research Study/Internship 12 credits 12 credits
Minor/Exchange 12 credits
##TOTAL####48 credits####48 credits####48 credits##
Doctoral Program Requirements: 84 Credits (3 Years)
Coursework12 credits
Dissertation72 credits
##TOTAL####84 credits##

Course List

Course NumberCourse TitleSemesterCredit(s)TypeInstructors
AT70.02Data Structure and AlgorithmsAugust3(45-0)RequiredChaklam Silpasuwanchai
AT70.03Theory of ComputationAugust3(45-0)RequiredPham M. Dung
AT70.05Computer NetworksAugust3(45-0)ElectiveAdjunct Faculty
AT70.07Programming Languages and CompilersJanuary 3(45-0)RequiredPham M. Dung
AT70.09Computer Graphics and AnimationJanuary3(45-0)ElectiveSumanta Guha
AT70.12Web Application EngineeringJanuary 3(30-45)RequiredMatthew Dailley
AT70.13Computer SecurityInterSem3(45-0)ElectivePham M. Dung
AT70.15Advanced Topics in Internet TechnologyJanuary3(45-0)ElectiveAdisorn Lertsinsrubtavee
AT70.16Computational Geometry and ApplicationsInterSem3(45-0)ElectiveSumanta Guha
AT70.18Software Architecture DesignJanuary3(45-0)ElectiveMatthew Dailley
AT70.19Software Development and Quality ImprovementAugust3(45-0)ElectiveApichon Witayangkurn
AT82.09Human-Computer Interaction and Information VisualizationJanuary3(45-0)ElectiveChaklam Silpasuwanchai
AT82.03Machine LearningAugust 3(45-0)ElectiveMatthew Dailley

Specialization in Software Engineering

Additional required courses for area of specialization in Software Engineering:

  • AT70.18: Software Architecture Design
  • AT70.19: Software Development and Quality Improvement
  • AT71.05: Information Systems Development and Management

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