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Innovative Solutions for Plastic Free European Rivers (INSPIRE) 

12 Jan 2024
AIT webmaster

Project budget– 6 million THB

Project location – Global 

Donor- European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Project duration – May 2023- August 2027

Primary SDG Goal of focus: 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Related SDG Goals of Focus: 14. Life Below Water 

Description: The project’s main objective is to contribute to the drastic reduction of litter, macro and microplastics in European rivers in a holistic approach, by bringing together 20 technologies and actions for: DETECTION of the pollution present in the river and at the riverbank, COLLECTION of litter and microplastics at the river bank and litter, macro and microplastics in the river, PREVENTION of litter, macro and microplastics to enter the river by collecting it from its waste stream before it can enter the river and by developing biodegradable alternatives for currently non-degradable polluting products, to avoid they will further be used and arrive in the river as litter. INSPIRE’s consortium is composed of 26 partners with complementary expertise and a good balance of academia, industry, communication specialists and soft skills organizations is obtained, who all together will work towards the target of having a number of successful solutions that can find their way to the market and put INSPIRE on the radar.