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Student International Exchange

The objective of an international exchange is to equip AIT students with balanced skills and knowledge by providing an opportunity to learn inside and outside the classroom at a partner university abroad. A positive exchange experience can also offer students an opportunity to cultivate academic knowledge, transversal skills, and intercultural communication, and expand their personal and professional networks. On top of taking credit-bearing classes at a partner university, exchange students are encouraged to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, and activities available for enhancing targeted and balanced abilities, skills and techniques.

List of Partner Universities

Around 60 international universities around the globe are our student exchange partners. The universities in the following link are available to you for student exchange opportunities. Click to view Exchange Programs

When to Apply

Upon completion of the required courses and achieving required credits, students can apply for international exchange at the SIS Portal for (SET & SERD) and SIS Portal for (SOM).

SemesterExchange DurationApplication Period
SpringJanuary to April1-15 September
FallAugust to November 1-15 March


To be considered eligible for International (outbound) Exchange, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a student enrolled in courses at AIT;
  2. Students upon completing two semesters / four terms (for SOM) of coursework with minimum CGPA of 3.0 and English level of at least 6.0 on AIT Standard are eligible for going on Exchange.
  3. Each university has different eligibility requirements including English requirements; therefore, students must go through each of their preferred university’s full details for detailed information before applying.
  4. Approval, in principle, from Academic Advisor.

Period of Exchange and Credit Transfer

The period of exchange should be equivalent to one semester / two terms (for SOM) of the AIT system. The student is required to present the option (see below) to complete 12 credits, and needs to get approval from the AIT faculty advisor who will supervise it in case of project/special study.

The 12 credits of exchange can be completed as follows:

  • 12 credits of coursework transferred back to AIT.
  • 9 credits of coursework transferred back to AIT, and 3 credits of special study/AIT coursework.
  • 6 credits of coursework transferred back to AIT, and 6 credits of project/special study/AIT coursework.

The Special study/projects as part of exchange credits would require the student to focus on a subject that is relevant to the program of study and the region in which they study. Ideally, there will be a co-supervisor of the study/project from the exchange university. If no such co-supervisor is found, then sole supervision from AIT is permitted as long as the study/project clearly focuses on a subject that relates to the exchange and has not been the subject of an essay/report for a course taken on exchange. For policies on special study/project, please refer to section 1-1.1-vii under Academic Requirements of the R&P. For policies on Transfer of Credits, please refer to section 7 under General Requirements of the R&P.

Courses completed can be transferred back to AIT towards partial fulfillment of the credit requirements for the AIT master’s program, subject to the discretion of the Academic Program/Department, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The courses were taken as part of a relevant graduate program;
  2. The courses have at least passing grades (with an equivalent grade of at least 3.00/4.00 or “A”, “B+”, or “B”); (Note: Credits for coursework completed on a pass-fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis can only be transferred through ‘credit by examination.’);
  3. The courses are equivalent to graduate courses at AIT;
  4. The courses were completed within the last 5 years;
  5. The courses are stipulated in the relevant Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement of our partner universities;
  6. Only elective courses can be transferred;
  7. Students transferring course credits should not have been dismissed from the previous institution/university; and
  8. For collaborative programs, the number of credits that may be transferred will be as approved by the Academic Senate.

Please download the Credit Transfer Form here.

AIT Exchange Scholarship

Due to the generous donations of our alumni and business partners, some AIT Exchange Scholarships are available for outgoing exchange students. For details, please Click Here

Application Process and Contact Persons

Exchange Coordinators at each School will guide students on the application process and they can be reached at:

School of Management

Ms Chomchaba Katinted
[email protected]

School of Environment, Resources, and Development

Ms Sarina Pradhan Thapa
[email protected]

School of Engineering and Technology

[email protected]

Practical Information

Academic Advisor

Before registering for courses at the host university, you are advised to seek your Academic Advisor’s feedback to ensure credit transfer.

Accommodation Unit

If you are residing on campus, you may inform the Accommodation Unit of your room arrangement during your exchange period before you leave the campus. [email protected]

Government Relations Unit

You are advised to discuss the visa issues with the Government Relations Unit (GRU)
[email protected]

Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA)

The OAAA takes care of all exchange scholarship matters.
[email protected]

Tuition Fees

It is advisable for you to discuss your tuition fee arrangement before you leave the campus.
[email protected]

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

For details of partner universities, please contact OIA.
[email protected]