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AIT shares its experience in AQUA OUTREACH THAILAND

09 Feb 2000
Pakkamol Dherapongsthada

AIT shares its experience in AQUA OUTREACH THAILAND

The sharing of information on successful experiences taking place in the developing world is one of the best strategies for overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Sharing Innovative Experiences is a publication that consists of case studies of successful applications of science and technology in the developing world. AIT’s Aqua Outreach Program is one of 29 case studies featured in the publication. It was selected from a total of 130 entries submitted from some 80 institutions in 30 countries.

The publication represents more than 18 months of hard work by research centres, grassroots organizations and universities throughout the developing world.

The project was funded from the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Special Unit for Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (SU/TCDC). The primary criterion in the evaluation process was twofold: the high quality of work performed by the project’s organizers, and the direct impact that the effort had on the lives of people.

About Aqua Outreach: Thailand

AIT’s Aqua Outreach Program has sought to improve both the appeal – and revenue-generating potential – of aquaculture among the rural poor. The effort has focused on small-scale farms in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam, and draws its strength from a unique network of national R&D; and educational institutions in these countries. The program is designed to help the institutions build their own capacities and expertise in planning; research and extension; curriculum development; and training.

This grassroots approach to the development of fish culture on small-scale farms offers a striking contrast to the top-down strategies of the past.