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FAQs for Ground-Floor Parties returning to AIT Campus on Dec 3-5

03 Dec 2011
Dear All Ground-Floor Residents,
I received many questions so I decided to quickly reply by this
In summary, AIT staff / students (ground floor) will segregate items to
be kept OR to be disposed and also ventilate the rooms by opening al
doors and windows. Sodexo staff will support this process and during
the next week we will remove all identified rubbish and items to be
disposed to designated areas. Then upper-floor residents are free to
return to fetch their belongings if needed.
Q. Why are we doing this in such a short
I am sorry for this very short and late notice. This plan has only
been approved by the Management Committee yesterday (December 2)
evening. Please appreciate our hard working staff who also have to
spread and work so hard to start AIT other ventures at Huahin. We
consider this action (to clear all the ground floor space) is very
important and cannot wait. If we don’t start from this long weekend we
will lose another week. Under this very damp condition inside all
buildings, one day can make a different. It is also much more health
threatening than at the time when the premise was fully flooded.
Q. What are the problems if we delay for
another week or two?
Failure to remove contaminated materials and to reduce moisture
and humidity can present serious long-term health risks. Standing water
and wet materials are a breeding ground for microorganisms, such as
viruses, bacteria, and especially mold. They can cause disease, trigger
allergic reactions, and continue to damage materials long after the
flood. The key to mold control is moisture control. It is important to
dry water damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold
Q. What are we expected to do?
This stage is simply segregation of what has to be kept and
disposed. This should minimize the amount of time that people are on
campus until the rooms have been allowed to ventilate properly. We
expect the ground floor residents (faculty, staff and students) to
browse through for the last time their belongings and collect things
that they want to save, although most important items should have
already been removed before the flood. Take them with you if
possible or segregate them from the rest. Sodexo will also provide a
stock area where inventoried items will be stored for safe-keeping.
Whatever remains in the ground floors of the building will be
considered as garbage. Disinfectants will be applied after all doors
and windows are left open. During 6-9 Dec, Sodexo workers will come to
help dispose all garbage from your room (house).  
Q. Can I bring friends to help?
Yes, you can. But remember, for security and safety reasons, no
one is allowed to the upper floors now.
Q. Can I bring my car into the
Yes you can. You should if you plan to take some of the flooded
items out of the campus.
Q. What if I lost my key or the door
cannot be open, or need help?
Sodexo will be on stand-by basis with basic tools and accessories
to assist you. Please call Mr Stephen Andrews at 084-387-7966 if you
need help.
Q. If I am not available, what should I
Since we cannot entertain a case-by-case delay request, we allow
you to designate a friend to act on your behalf. As we want to protect
your remaining properties, we ask any resident who cannot come to
quickly send an email to Ms Marlou, [email protected], [email protected], giving your
name, ID number, your room number and the name of your friend(s). He or
she will be allowed to deal with your room on your behalf.
Q. How can I commute from Huahin?
For those from Huahin / Cha-Am intending to visit the AIT campus
kindly email Mr. Ashish Sitoula at: [email protected]. Buses will be
leaving from the AIT Temporary Campuses in Hua Hin and Cha-Am to AIT
for all ground level residents. Departure time for Hua Hin in the
morning is to be determined. Be ready to leave AIT for Hua Hin by
Q. My room is on the upper floors, when
can I collect my stuff?
After all ground floors are cleared of debris, all doors and
windows are open-aired for ventilation for 4 days (6-9 December) and
after sanitary measures have been applied to all the previously flooded
areas, then we may consider AIT safe. All residents will then be free
to enter their rooms on upper floors.
Q. Could students and alumni volunteer
to help clean AIT campus?
We are considering a big cleaning day most likely on the weekend
of 10-11 December after the campus is declared safe.  
Q. When is AIT freely accessible to its
faculty, staff and students?
During December 6-9, Sodexo staff will remove all garbage out of
the ground floors of all buildings. Solid waste will be dumped at
designated areas. Water trucks will help clean all mud and dirt.
Garbage trucks will come to collect all solid waste. Sodexo will
organize some laborers to remove the left-over debris and transport to
designated dump sites. After 9 December if everything goes as planned,
our President will declare the campus safe for normal access.
Q. Important security and
All personnel entering AIT campus must comply to the
1.   Present ID card and show
room key.
2.   Wear protective gear
(face mask, gloves and shoe protection available at the front
3.   Not lift any heavy
objects without assistance.
4.   Friends of occupants may
enter residence with permission slip and room key or by special
arrangement with sodexo.
5.   People with pre-existing
conditions such as allergies or asthma are strongly urged not to enter
the campus.
6.   AIT has tried its best to
protect all personnel and residents from health hazards. However all
parties should take as their own risk in exercising utmost care in
accordance with their own health conditions.
Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
Chairman of Campus Rehabilitation Committee