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First Batch of Students in Dual Degree Master’s Program from AIT and Colorado State University Departs For USA

10 Aug 2022
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11 August 2022 – Three Dual Degree Masters’s students from AIT left Thailand for the United States of America on 10 August 2022 to continue their Master’s studies at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The three students, Ms. Wangmo Ghalley, Mr. Kasun Sahabandu, and Ms. Avalokita Tuladhar, have completed their first year in the Water Engineering and Management (WEM) program of the School of Engineering and Technology and have departed for the next phase of their studies in the USA.

Prof. David McClean, Dean of College of Engineering at CSU, also met the students on the AIT campus while attending the AIT Board of Trustees Meeting on August 4. Two weeks ago, Prof. Karan Venayagamoorthy from CSU also visited AIT to learn about the progress of three dual degree students.

Wangmo, who hails from Bhutan 🇧🇹, shares her excitement, saying,” I am very thankful to AIT and CSU for bestowing me with this wonderful opportunity. I had a wonderful time at AIT, and the learning environment was great.“ She said her biggest motivation to enroll in this dual degree program was that in two years, she will receive two degrees from two different prestigious universities in two different parts of the world. And, of course, the scholarships that she received from both universities makes it all possible. At AIT, she received the AIT Scholarship to support her studies, and at CSU, she will receive a teaching assistantship to support her studies and allowances. Wangmo’s thesis is jointly supervised by Prof. Sangam Shrestha from AIT and Dr. Robert Ettema/ Dr. Jeffrey Niemann from CSU.

Kasun from Galle in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 added that this dual degree program gives a rare opportunity to learn and be supervised by two different experts. The chance to study in a diverse eastern and western environment provides a unique learning experience. He mentioned that he is co-advised by faculty at AIT and CSU. Kasun’s thesis is jointly supervised by Dr. Ho Huu Loc from AIT  and Prof. Karan Venayagamoorthy from CSU.

Avalokita from Nepal 🇳🇵, sharing what she thinks are the benefits of this dual degree program, mentioned, “After completing this program, I am certain that this will give me a double edge in the competitive global job market since the program has both technical as well as managerial aspects. This will keep me abreast of the latest engineering technologies and methodologies, as well as it will develop my competency and leadership skills and improve professional flexibility. I believe this will open the door to a greater and more diverse career and advancement opportunities in the current competitive global job market.” Avalokita’s thesis is jointly supervised by Dr. S. Mohana Sundaram from AIT and Dr. Ryan T. Bailey from CSU.

All three stated that this collaboration also provides excellent networking opportunities for research and pursuing a Ph.D. Besides educational knowledge, studying in different universities provides invaluable insights and exposure to cultural diversity, networks, and opportunities to build new interpersonal relationships and professional links, ultimately broadening their outlook.

The students in this dual degree program will earn a MEng/MSc in Water Engineering and Management from Asian Institute of Technology and MS in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University.

Prof. Sangam Shrestha who is spearheading the dual degree program at AIT said: “AIT and CSU’s partnership is unique. AIT’s water education and research has more than 60 years of history, and we are contributing to understanding and solving complex water resource problems in the Asian region. Similarly, CSU has a legacy of world-class work in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, water quality, and water resources planning and management to solve the global challenges of meeting the water needs of people and the environment.” 

He added: “Our students will have an opportunity to learn from both AIT and CSU. While at AIT, our students will get exposure to and understanding of complex water problems in Asian countries. At CSU, they will be trained in using integrated approaches with cutting-edge data analytics, decision science, and management tools for complex infrastructure and institutions to solve dynamic and complex water problems.”

Shawn Kelly, Director of the International Affairs at AIT, said: “The departure of our Master’s students representing Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to Colorado State University in America is yet another milestone in the long and storied history of personal connections and successes that bind our respective institutions, starting with CSU’s instrumental role in AIT’s founding in the late 1950s and right up to today. For AIT, this International Collaborative Degree Program that was first proposed in early 2019, and signed on March 3, 2021, exemplifies the very best elements of true and lasting higher education partnership. CSU is AIT’s oldest and most impactful international university partner, and we are proud and thankful that our students will experience a life-altering academic opportunity in the United States and continue this win-win tradition.”

Dual Degree Programs with CSU

AIT currently has two dual degree programs with CSU, one with the Water Engineering and Management Program and another with the Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering Program. 

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