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AIT’s Innovation Education Camp resumes with United Group of Institutions(UGI) India

04 Sep 2022
AIT webmaster

3 September 2022 – AIT’s Innovation Education Camp with the United Group of Institutions (UGI) in India is back on track after Covid 19 and resumed splendid ties with India.

The EduCamp is being organized from the 3rd until the 16th of September 2022. A large group of sixty-nine students and three faculty members from India’s United Group of Institutions (UGI) are attending the two-week Innovation Education Camp at AIT which underscores the institute’s solid connection with India. Students came from Bachelor’s backgrounds in Engineering, MBA, Law, and Pharmacy. One student from partner university JNTU-Hyderabad also participated as part of the Unified Program transition learning.

Prof. Nitin Kumar Tripathi, Director of the Special Degree Programs and architect of this student development program, has been running this event since 2010. He was supported by SDP Office staff and student assistants to create an organizing team.

This camp offers the scope to showcase state-of-the-art technologies, business practices, and skills. Students with Bachelor’s degrees are given a chance to explore if a higher global education ecosystem will add to their overall professional development. They learn to fly and explore.

The group was accompanied by three faculty members from UGI: Dr. Meenu Sahni, Dr. Nishant Dabhade, and Dr. Dhananjay Sharma. They delivered their welcome remarks, encouragements, and appreciation for having the opportunity to be part of this event. They have high hopes that students and themselves will learn a lot from this event and hope to bring and practice all the learnings and new experiences they have gained.

The student development program’s theme is “Inspire, Ignite, and Innovate.” It is designed to give exposure to the student to the different fields of study through interactive sessions on cutting-edge technologies such as – Space Science, GIS, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Driverless Car, IoT & Smart City, Health GIS, GNSS, Food Innovation and UAV mapping and hands-on, Banking & FinTech, Water & Climate, Food Innovation Technologies. The camp will also engage the students in soft skills development through various topics such as – Career Talk, Professional Communication Skills, Leadership Development, and Design Thinking.

In addition, students will experience various cultural and industry exposure through field trips to Safari World, the National Science Museum (NSM), The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Chula Royal Military Academy (CRMA), and of course, explore the vibrant Bangkok @ Asiatique and Siam Paragon.

Several hands-on sessions were designed to let the students be more engaged while having fun activities like – Treasure Hunt using GNSS, UAV hands-on, and the Hackathon, where students try to solve various social problems and present them as a mini project.