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International Fisheries Symposium 2023 Concludes with Global Collaboration for Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries

24 Nov 2023
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By AIT Public Affairs

24 November 2023: The 11th International Fisheries Symposium (IFS) 2023, hosted by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand, has successfully concluded. Organized from 22-24 November under the theme “Building Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Future Generations,” the symposium witnessed the participation of over 350 delegates from 25 countries, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the realm of responsible fisheries and aquaculture.

The annual conference, organized by the ASEAN-Fisheries Education Network (ASEAN-FEN), brought together 37 universities from the ASEAN region, featuring core members and associates dedicated to fisheries and aquaculture education programs.

H.E Dr. Suwit Khunkitti, AIT’s Vice Chair of the Board, emphasized the importance of achieving sustainable development goals, focusing on SDG 14’s imperative for conserving and sustainably using oceans. Stressing the relevance of fisheries and aquaculture, he urged that sustainable practices should address the inequality in marine resource distribution and contribute to alleviating poverty in coastal regions. He further underscored the imperative of considering human rights, democracy, and the well-being of those reliant on fisheries and aquaculture as a livelihood opportunity. 

H.E Dr. Suwit Khunkitti
Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto

Acknowledging the vital significance of responsible fisheries and aquaculture practices, Prof Kazuo Yamamoto, AIT President, stressed that this event served as a key platform for global scientists, practitioners, and policymakers. It facilitates the exploration of cutting-edge research and initiatives contributing to the sustainable management of our oceans and public resources. He further said that the symposium served as a hub for dynamic discussions, idea exchange, and a catalyst for meaningful action.

Dr. Krishna R. Salin, Chair of AITs Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management Program and President of the World Aquaculture Society-Asian Pacific Chapter (WAS-APC) highlighted that the fisheries and aquaculture sector is increasingly becoming crucial for global food security but faces the challenge of meeting the rising demand for food with a growing population. He stressed that the event aims at industry growth, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Dr. Krishna R. Salin

Throughout the event, attendees engaged in discussions and explored cutting-edge research on responsible and environmentally sound practices in fisheries and aquaculture. The symposium addressed the challenges and opportunities in maintaining healthy fish stocks, conserving biodiversity, and promoting responsible aquaculture for sustainable livelihoods in coastal communities.

The ten technical sessions, including Aquaculture Biotechnology and Engineering, Aquaculture Nutrition and Physiology, and Fisheries Resources Technology and Management, provided a platform for scholars, experts, and industry professionals to share advancements in the field.

Countries such as Belgium, Cambodia, China, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam, and others were represented, highlighting the global nature of the discussions. The symposium also featured farm tours on Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology, providing participants with hands-on experiences in the field.

The IFS 2023 Exhibition showcased innovations in the fisheries and aquaculture industry, further contributing to the exchange of ideas and advancements. As the symposium concluded, it reinforced the commitment of the global community to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices, paving the way for a future where responsible resource management ensures safe food production and thriving coastal communities.

For additional details regarding the Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management (AARM) program at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), please visit the official website: AIT Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management.

About International Fisheries Symposium 2023 

International Fisheries Symposium 2023 is a premier gathering that aims to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the realm of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. This symposium promises to be a groundbreaking event that brings together leading experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from around the globe.