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AIT and Osotspa Public Co. Ltd. Unite to Empower Future Leaders

26 Feb 2024
School of Engineering and Technology

By Alistina Shrestha

26 February 2024: The Asian Institute of Technology and Osotspa Public Co. Ltd. joined hands to shape the next generation of leaders. Prof. Sangam Shrestha, Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology; Prof. P. Abdul Salam, Dean of the School of Environment, Resources, and Development; and Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, Executive Director of the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs, had the privilege of engaging in an incredibly productive and insightful meeting with the senior management team at Osotspa Public Co. Ltd. in Bangkok.

Venturing beyond the usual discussions, they explored exciting opportunities for AIT students. From scholarships to comprehensive internships, and even promising job offers from Osotspa, the conversation brimmed with potential.

Reflecting on the significance of this meeting, Prof. Shrestha remarked, “It’s truly thrilling to witness the bridges being built between academia and industry. This collaboration holds immense promise for our students’ future, and I eagerly anticipate the tangible impact it will have.

As we move forward in this journey of collaboration and innovation, we are poised to empower the next generation with the skills, experiences, and opportunities they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Together, we are shaping a future filled with endless possibilities and transformative growth.

Osotspa Public Company Limited is a Thai beverage producer of drinks such as M-150 and Shark Stimulation. It is based in Bangkok.

Osotspa Public Company Limited