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AIT & USJ Foster International Ties in Pursuit of Academic Collaboration

16 Feb 2024
School of Engineering and Technology

By Alistina Shrestha

16 February 2024: Representatives from the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) in Macau, China, made a significant visit to the AIT School of Engineering and Technology (SET), signaling a promising step towards international collaboration.

The meeting was conducted at the SET Meeting Room between Prof. Alvaro Barbosa, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Academic Affairs at USJ, and Dr. Alexandro Lobo, Head of the Department of Business Administration; Dr. Chantri Polprasert, Assistant Professor from the Information and Communications Technologies Department; and Ms. Alistina Shrestha, Manager, Marketing, Recruitment, and Digital Strategy at SET.

The meeting between the USJ delegates and AIT SET was characterized by a shared commitment to exploring avenues for partnership and cooperation. Discussions revolved around the potential for joint initiatives in areas such as exchange programs, research collaborations, workshops, internships, and dual degree programs.

Prof. Barbosa expressed enthusiasm for the prospect of collaboration with AIT, recognizing the mutual benefits such partnerships could bring to both institutions and their students. He emphasized the importance of fostering international ties to drive innovation and academic excellence. Dr. Polprasert, representing SET, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the value of collaboration in advancing education and research. He commended the initiative shown by the USJ delegation and expressed confidence in the potential for future collaborations between the two universities.

The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism and a commitment to further dialogue and cooperation. Both SET and USJ left the meeting with a clear understanding of the shared goals and opportunities for collaboration that lie ahead.

The visit to SET by the delegates of USJ was part of a visit to AIT to foster strategic collaboration with SET and the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD).

The University of Saint Joseph (Macau) is a Catholic university in Macau, China, rooted in a long tradition of intercultural exchange that has been the hallmark of Catholic higher education in Macao since the College of Saint Paul, founded in 1594. The project of the Jesuit fathers Valignano, Rugieri, and Ricci inspires their view of higher education with a universal character capable of promoting creative dialogue between the cultural, scientific, ethical, and philosophical traditions of China and Europe.