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AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology Hosts Successful Open House

27 Feb 2024
AIT webmaster

By AIT Public Affairs

27 February 2024: AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology (SET) held a vibrant open house on 12 February 2024. The event attracted 108 prospective students from various academic backgrounds, offering them an invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the campus environment. Attendees gained insights into SET’s diverse master’s and Ph.D. programs, with detailed information on courses, scholarships, and student support.

The primary objective of the open house was to provide prospective students with a firsthand experience of academic offerings, faculty expertise, and research opportunities within the school. The event featured cutting-edge research displays by SET faculty and students, offering hands-on experiences through lab visits.

Attendees engaged directly with professors, gaining insights into ongoing programs and assessing the alignment with their academic and research interests. The open house facilitated networking with current students, alumni, and industry professionals, providing valuable insights into career opportunities and the broader SET community. Attendees also explored campus facilities and accommodations gaining a glimpse into the campus culture and environment.

Prof. Sangam Shrestha, Dean, SET

Welcoming the participants, Dean of SET Prof. Sangam Shrestha emphasized the event’s significance in helping students explore academic programs and engage with faculty and peers. He encouraged attendees to ask questions and seek guidance from faculty and staff members to make well-informed decisions about their educational journey.

The event featured all three departments of SET: Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (CIE), Information & Communications Technologies (ICT), and Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE). Each department showcased program flyers and research projects, offering participants a comprehensive view of the academic offerings.

Participants visited various labs in these departments where they witnessed innovative projects such as haptic displays for the visually impaired, exoskeleton suits powered by hydraulic actuators, and autonomous balancing robots, sparking curiosity and excitement about AI, robotics, electronics, and other emerging technologies. They eagerly interacted with faculty and students, seeking to understand the integration of AI, mechatronics, and electronics in designing prototypes and innovative solutions. Alongside, they delved into structural modeling, seismic forces, and concrete chemistry, observing experiments like the 2D double-story frame and discussions on soft story problems. They also gained insights into lab testing methodologies, including base isolation, bridge testing, wind tunnel experiments, and mechanical damper testing on the Rama IX bridge.

The event also featured dedicated spaces for the Drone Entry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center, AIT Solutions, Global Water and Sanitation Center (GWSC), AIT Special Degree Programs, and AIT Entrepreneurship Center, offering additional insights into the diverse opportunities available at AIT.

Dr. Bindu Lohani, Member of the AIT Board of Trustees, praised the well-organized and smoothly executed event, noting the excellent participation. He rated it as an A Plus. Mr. Yogesh Lal Shrestha, Member of the Governing Council of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries, also attended the event. He commended the efforts of SET in assisting prospective students to make well-informed decisions about their futures.

Participants also received the information about the English Entry test requirement and some also took the free AIT EET Test on site.

SET Open House ended with an exhilarating treasure hunt offering a 10,000 Baht grand prize. Seven groups explored labs and cafes, solving riddles and completing tasks like taking photos at AIT landmarks and sharing them on Facebook with specific hashtags #ReadySETGo and #aitset. The first group won the grand prize of 10000 Baht, while the second group received 2000 Baht for their commendable effort.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing a desire for longer lab visits and suggesting extending the open house to two days. Overall, the event was a success, providing aspiring students with valuable insights into the academic and research opportunities at SET.

Participants Experience

Brandon Scott, Siam University
I am excited to explore how the degrees offered at SET match my career goals and the different work programs they offer. I am also curious about the dual degree options and how they can enhance my education. Specifically, I am looking forward to visiting the structural engineering labs, which align perfectly with my career interests. I am hoping to gain valuable insights into the opportunities available in this field. 

Pyi Thein Tun, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang 
I aim to explore the wide range of study options available at AIT. I am particularly interested in programs like industry and manufacturing, as well as transportation engineering, which align with my career goals. I see its importance for developing countries and want to learn more about it. Visiting the lab gave me practical insights into my studies, helping me identify areas like calculus or material engineering that need more focus. I am confident this experience will shape my academic path, and I am excited to learn and grow here.

Chayanid Klumsuk, Thammasat University
I chose to attend this open house because I believe AIT has a strong global reputation and offers numerous opportunities, both locally and internationally. It seems like an ideal place to pursue my Ph.D.. Specifically, I am interested in water management, and upon learning more about the curriculum and resources available, my enthusiasm for further studies has only grown. I see AIT as a fantastic opportunity to pursue my academic goals.