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Enriching Internship: Ms. Wipaporn Saweangwit’s Journey with UNEP

15 Feb 2024
School of Environment, Resources and Development

Ms. Wipaporn Saweangwit, a Master of Science student in the Environment Engineering and Management (EEM) program at the School of Environmental, Resources and Development (SERD) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), shares her enriching internship experience with the UN Environment Programme.

Prior to joining AIT, I accumulated several years of experience in the private sector, focusing on energy and environmental sectors. During this time, I witnessed NGOs playing a pivotal role in environmental advocacy and funding conservation initiatives. Collaborating on various projects with NGOs deeply inspired me, as I admired their genuine concern for the state of the world. This motivation led me to

Ms. Wipaporn Saweangwit

pursue studies at AIT, where I actively seeked NGO internships to gain valuable experience. My dream came true when Dr. Ekbordin Winijkul, Associate Professor at the EEM program, informed me about the internship opportunity with UNEP and without hesitation, I applied . AIT has proven to be the gateway to numerous opportunities for students.

Upon receiving acceptance into the UNEP internship program, I relocated to Bangkok, where I was warmly welcomed and provided with valuable opportunities to contribute to various projects. One significant aspect of my role involved supporting air quality management initiatives and facilitating workshops, including the “Strengthening ASEAN Member State Policies with Environment Health Data on Cost of Inaction and Co-benefits” workshop. This experience allowed me to engage with representatives from diverse backgrounds, such as the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia, where I shared insights gleaned from my prior work experiences. Collaborating with stakeholders highlighted the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation in addressing environmental challenges, emphasizing the pivotal role of government leadership in effecting change. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I discovered the value of adapting and drawing lessons from successful approaches implemented by neighboring countries.

"Strengthening ASEAN Member State Policies with Environment Health Data on Cost of Inaction and Co-benefits" workshop

As a student enrolled in the Environment Engineering program (EEM) at AIT, I found the curriculum to be highly relevant and comprehensive, equipping me with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The program’s emphasis on staying updated with current trends in the field, coupled with opportunities for field trips and engagements with various organizations, greatly complemented my internship experience at UNEP.

Moreover, my time at UNEP provided invaluable learning opportunities, where I acquired professional skills through hands-on involvement in organizing workshops and collaborating closely with the team. From liaising with participants and panelists to overseeing logistical arrangements and summarizing reports, I gained insights into effective project management and teamwork, setting a solid foundation for my career development.

I am grateful for the unexpected opportunities AIT has provided me, and I am delighted with my decision to study here. The combination of academic excellence and practical experiences has truly shaped my professional journey.

Ms. Wipaporn Saweangwit with her friend