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Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change

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This program has been developing solutions to environmental problems in the two focal areas of Environmental Technology and Management (ETM) and Water and Wastewater Engineering (WWE). ETM emphasizes as systems approach to manage the environment, considering the interrelated roles of industry and government agencies. Subjects covered included air pollution, solid waste, industrial pollution control, hazardous waste control and minimization, environmental impact assessment, and waste audits. WWE responds to the need to produce engineers who have specialized in the planning, design, operation and management of water supply, wastewater treatment, and disposal systems. Specializations includes water supply and sewerage system engineering, water quality management, water and wastewater treatment systems, environmental sanitation systems, waste recycling and resources recovery, and natural and ecological treatment systems.


  • Water security
  • Wastewater to resources/energy
  • Integrated air quality management
  • Solid waste management and plastic abatement
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Circular and bio-based economy
  • Sustainable sanitation systems
  • Membrane technology
  • Environmental quality and climate co-benefits
  • Environmental decentralization and pollution controls


  • What are the backgrounds a student must have to attend the program?

Environmental Engineering and Management Program is intended for professionals from government and international agencies, environment ministries, pollution control authorities, private companies, academia, NGOs, city, and municipal authorities dealing with or interested in the environment, water and wastewater treatment, and sanitation, policy, planning, and management.

Candidates with degree from an institution with recognised standing preferably in biochemical or chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering or related applied sciences, or health science and biomedical science are eligible to apply.


List of courses
Course CodeCourse TitleOffered SemesterCredits (Lecture-Lab Hrs.)Course Type
ED78.01Environmental Chemistry & LaboratoryAugust3(30-45)Required
ED78.07Solid Waste ManagementAugust3(45-0)General
ED78.08Environmental Quality ManagementJanuary3(45-0)Required
ED78.10Environmental Health and SanitationJanuary3(45-0)General
ED78.14Membrane Technology in Water and Wastewater TreatmentAugust2(30-0)General
ED78.16Applied Microbiology and LaboratoryJanuary3(30-45)General
ED78.17Advanced Processes for Wastewater Treatment, Reuse and RecyclingJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.19Environmental Impact Assessment August3(45-0)General
ED78.20Industrial Waste Abatement and ManagementJanuary3(45-0)General
ED78.21Water Quality ManagementJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.22Air Pollution Modeling and ApplicationsInterSem3(45-0)General
ED78.23Hazardous Waste Technology and ManagementAugust2(30-0)General
ED78.24Design of Air Pollution Control SystemsAugust3(45-0)General
ED78.25Principles of Cleaner ProductionJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.35Wastewater TreatmentAugust3(45-0)General
ED78.36Drinking Water TreatmentAugust3(45-0)General
ED78.37Air Pollution Engineering and ManagementAugust3(45-0)General
ED78.38Sampling Design for Environmental MonitoringAugust2(30-0)General
ED78.40Green House Gas (GHG) Mitigation and Energy Recovery from WasteJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.41Science of Climate Change and Environment Co-Benefit AnalysisJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.9011Selected Topic: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Wastewater Treatment SystemsAugust1(15-0)General
ED78.9012Selected Topic: State of the Art of Hazardous Chemicals ManagementJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.9014Selected Topic: Receptor Modeling for Air Pollution Source ApportionmentAugust2(30-0)General
ED78.9015Selected Topic: Cost Benefit Analysis of Environmental Clean-upJanuary2(30-0)General
ED78.9019Selected Topic: Climate and Environment Co-BenefitAugust1(15-0)General
ED78.9020Selected Topic: Corporate Environmental ManagementInterSem1(15-0)General
ED78.9021Selected Topic: Environmental Services in Emergency SituationsJanuary1(15-0)General
ED78.9022Selected Topic: Wastewater Collection and Sewer Design ModelInterSem2(30-0)General
ED78.9024Selected Topic: Applied and Environmental MicrobiologyJanuary3(45-0)General
ED78.9025Selected Topic: Carbon Footprint Analysis InterSem1(15-0)General
ED78.9026Selected Topic: Proposal and Research Reporting WritingAugust1(15-0)General
ED78.9027Selected Topic: Design of Air Pollution Control System: Case StudyJanuary1(15-0)General
ED78.9028Selected Topic: Sustainable Sanitation in Developing CountriesJanuary1(15-0)General
ED78.9029Selected Topic: Sustainable Consumption and ProductionInterSem1(15-0)General
ED78.9030Selected Topic: Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes/Chemicals – An Introduction to International ConventionsAugust1(15-0)General
ED78.9031Selected Topic: Environmental Risk Analysis and ManagementJanuary3(45-0)General
Minor in Environmental Technology and Management: 12 credits from any of the following:
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSemester
ED78.08Environmental Quality Management3(45-0)January
ED78.07Solid Waste Management3(45-0)August
ED78.19Environmental Impact Assessment3(45-0)August
ED78.20Industrial Waste Abatement and Management3(45-0)January
ED78.37Air Pollution Engineering and Management3(45-0)August
Minor in Water and Wastewater Engineering:
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSemester
ED78.08Environmental Quality Management3(45-0)January
ED78.10Environmental Health and Sanitation3(45-0)January
ED78.35Wastewater Treatment3(45-0)August
ED78.36Drinking Water Treatment3(45-0)August