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Dr. Sudha Murty Sparks Inspiration at AIT with Her Trailblazing Journey

07 Mar 2024
AIT webmaster

By Kritagya Regmi

7 March 2024: The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) was privileged to welcome Dr. Sudha Murty from India, a renowned philanthropist, author, and advocate for women’s rights, as part of its Women’s Month celebrations. Her stirring address on the eve of International Women’s Day emphasized the power of compassion, leadership, and perseverance in driving social change and celebrated the spirit of womanhood. Dr. Murty was specially invited to present the certificates to the 101 women engineers from South Asian countries under the SAR100 Program convened at the AIT campus.

Dr. Sudha Murty

The session, moderated by Prof. Paula Banerjee, IDRC Endowed Research Chair and Director of the Centre of Gender and Forced Displacement at AIT, underscored the profound influence of women’s prosperity on the collective well-being of communities. Prof. Banerjee remarked, “Dr. Sudha Murthy’s visit is a landmark event, showcasing her remarkable journey of overcoming barriers and her wide-reaching efforts in philanthropy and advocacy for women’s rights. Her visit marks a key moment in AIT’s ongoing efforts to promote women’s empowerment throughout Southeast Asia.”

Prof. Paula Banerjee (left) and Dr. Murty

The event was further dignified by the presence of the H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of India to Thailand and AIT Board of Trustees member Mr. Nagesh Singh, enhancing its significance.

(From L-R) Dr. Sudha Murty, H.E. Ambassador Mr. Nagesh Singh, Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi

Dr. Murty’s speech wove through her life’s challenges and triumphs, recounting her days as the only female engineering student in her college and her efforts to break gender barriers in engineering and technology. She captivated the audience with stories of resilience and hope, stressing that empowerment and education are pivotal for societal transformation. Her anecdotes, brimming with wisdom, humor, and humility, highlighted her approach to overcoming stereotypes and lifting women in marginalized communities.

She discussed the dual challenges women face in balancing career and family, sharing personal stories to depict the struggle between professional goals and motherhood. Murty emphasized the necessity of family support and reflected on her experiences managing home and work. She advocated for women’s independence, not only for financial security but also for gaining knowledge and self-sufficiency. Inspired by her grandmother’s tale, she highlighted the importance of education and lifelong learning. Murty urged the audience to follow their passions and contribute to societal welfare, teaching children to prioritize compassion over competition. Her speech inspired and motivated all, underscoring the importance of empowering women in their varied societal roles.

Dr. Murty’s philanthropic work and personal beliefs underscore the transformative impact of education and empowerment, offering hope and resilience. Her message of kindness, perseverance, and self-confidence struck a chord, encouraging listeners to continue the journey of empowerment.

AIT’s celebration of Women’s Day, featuring Dr. Murty, was not only a recognition of her outstanding achievements but also a call to action for everyone to carry forward the torch of empowerment. The event saw great participation from the AIT community and external guests, all inspired by Dr. Murty’s enduring dedication to women’s empowerment.

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Dr. Murty’s visit is a lasting inspiration for future engineers and changemakers, encouraging them to pursue their passions with strength and purpose. AIT remains committed to promoting gender equality and empowerment, inspired by Dr. Murty’s exemplary life and work.