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SAT Program Coordinators

28 Jan 2000
Pakkamol Dherapongsthada

SAT Program Coordinators

I am pleased to announce the following program coordinatorships in the School of Advanced Technologies.

Computer Science and Information Management (CSIM)
Dr. Phan Minh Dung (newly elected – 4 January 2000), Ext. 5709, Email: dung@cs.ait.ac.th

Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)
Dr. Nagendra N. Nagarur (newly elected – 11 January 2000), Ext. 5683, Email: nagarur@ait.ac.th

Space Technology Applications and Research (STAR)
Dr. Kiyoshi Honda (re-elected – 1 December 1999), Ext. 6149, Email: honda@ait.ac.th

Telecommunications (TC)
Dr. Kazi M. Ahmed (no change), Ext. 5740, Email: kahmed@ait.ac.th

We thank Dr. Dentcho Batanov and Dr. Annulark Pinnoi for their outstanding leadership as Program Coordinators for the CSIM and ISE Programs, respectively, and at the same time congratulate Dr. Dung and Dr. Nagarur on their new assignments and Dr. Honda on his re-appointment. We wish them well in their administrative tasks. Let’s give them our support.

Prof. H.N. Phien, Dean SAT