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AIT Once Again Comes Out Top in International Orientation

05 Jun 2019

AIT’s performance in U-Mulitrank: The longer the ray in the Sunburst, the better the performance.

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) maintained its top position, with six perfect scores in the category International Orientation, according to the latest rankings released by U-Multirank on 4 June 2019. This is the third consecutive year that AIT has maintained its top position.

AIT also obtained perfect scores on four other indicators: research publications (size-normalised), external research income, income from private sources (per full time equivalent academic staff), and income from continuous professional development (as percentage of total income).

AIT is also among the top 25 Global Performers in the category Income from Continuous Professional Development.

AIT’s perfect scores in International Orientation is due to its foreign language masters and bachelors programs, student mobility, international academic staff (as a percentage of total academic staff), international joint publications (as a percentage of total publications), and international doctoral degrees (as a percentage of total doctoral degrees). Multiple factors are taken into consideration in ranking all institutions in the International Orientation category. These include the existence of joint and dual degree programs and study periods abroad, percentage of international students, percentage of international academic staff, and student mobility, among others.

Since its first publication in 2014, the Germany-based U-Multirank has more than doubled the number of institutions it covers from 850 to 1,711 and increased its coverage of countries from 74 to 96, including over 5,153 faculty members and over 12,500 study programmes across 24 subject areas.

Details: https://www.umultirank.org/study-at/asian-institute-of-technology-ait-rankings/