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Industrial Systems Engineering – Prominent Alumni

16 Nov 2021
Dean Set

Industrial Systems Engineering – Prominent Alumni

Period of study at AIT

August 2010 ~ December 2015

Current Position

Currently, I am working as Marrie Currie Career Fit Plus Research Fellow at Technological University Dublin engaged as a principal investigator with a road pavement condition monitoring company in Galway Ireland. While I am on sabbatical from the National University of Sciences and Technology where I work as an Assistant Professor and was a Co-PI at National Center for Robotics and Automation Pakistan.


As an electrical engineer with a strong passion for computer vision and image processing, I have always been interested in solving real-world societal problems. At AIT during my Ph.D. studies, I learned to apply critical thinking and knowledge to develop commercially viable products. I have won several awards including a NUST Faculty Development Fellowship, a Visiting Researcher Scholarship to Japan, travel grants to present my research at a conference in Portugal, and the best poster award at the 2014 Asian Institute of Technology Research Exhibition during my tenure at AIT.

I secured a R&D job at a multinational company, known as XYZPrinting Inc, through an AIT job fair, where I applied my knowledge gained at AIT that enabled us to develop commercial products. As part of my work at XYZPrinting, three patents were filed to US, Chinese, and EU patent agencies and granted later in 2019. Following this, I returned to academia to fulfill my obligation to work at NUST for five years. At NUST, I focus on applied research in image processing and machine learning for precision agriculture and consumer products. I have secured five research grants and three development projects, all of which are either successfully completed or on track to be completed. My experience at AIT enabled collaboration with diverse researchers in Thailand, Australia, Israel, Russia, Czechia, France, Japan, Taiwan, Saudia Arabia, China, and Ireland. My strong interpersonal skills developed at AIT allow me to interact with a wide range of stakeholders, build effective relationships, and manage project partners.


I choose AIT for many reasons, including its productivity in terms of research output (e.g., publications and licensable technology), the quality of training, research mentorship, access to high-quality facilities, and international collaboration and exposure. My international work experience gained at AIT has led to better career prospects and life experiences.

For long-term career goals, AIT is an excellent next step as it allows you to apply your research skills in an international environment, provides you with an important peer network, and provides adequate logistical resources. The research work at AIT focuses to solve complex, real word societal problems, by combining academic and industry knowledge towards developing commercially viable products. You should feel no barriers applying to the Asian Institute of Technology, as the international aspect of AIT appeals, working with people from other backgrounds exposes you to different working styles, forcing you to develop stronger communication skills and confidence.

Period of study at AIT

• From 8/2003 to 5/2005, Master of Engineering in Mechatronics, Advisor: Prof. Manukid Parnichkun.
• From 1/2006 to 12/2008, Doctor of Engineering in Mechatronics,  Advisor: Prof. Manukid Parnichkun.

Current Position

President of Hung Yen University of Technology and Education (UTEHY), Vietnam since April 2019


UTEHY is one of the national technical universities with high-quality application-oriented training to meet the increasingly diverse needs of society in terms of labor resources. The University is tasked with training PhDs, masters, bachelors of science (engineers), bachelors of arts (BA), and technical teachers, with key research directions on Automation Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, Material Technology (Nano), Biotechnology, and Information Technology

How does your experience at AIT benefit your current job?

I received a scholarship from MOET-Vietnam to pursuit both masters and doctorate degrees at AIT since 2003. After receiving my doctorate degree in mechatronics in 2008, I came back to work for my current University. I start my job as a lecturer, senior lecturer, vice dean, and dean of the department of mechanical engineering. In 2017, I was promoted as Chair of Governing Board of the University and in 2019, I was appointed as President of the University. I hold this position up to now. My University grew from about 8.000 students in 2019 to more than 10,000 students at the moment.

I am lucky to be a student of AIT. It was my greatest time preparing things for my future jobs. I learned not only knowledge but also skills for adapting to the changing world.

Message to the current and prospective ISE students

ISE has good learning and research environments with many well-known professors. When you are accepted to be ISE student, I must say congratulation to you for your important achievement.

Period of study at AIT: 2009 – 2011 (2011-1012 – Research Assistant at CoEN)

Current Job: Co-Founder & CEO of Stockholm Water Technology AB, Sweden

How does your experience at AIT benefit your current job?: AIT helped me significantly in developing my skills to manage in an international environment, understanding other cultures, and how to co-create with people from various backgrounds

Message to the current and prospective ISE students: ISE @ AIT will give you the exposure and mindset required to succeed in the multi-cultural workforce that exist is almost all working environments today. Use the opportunity to broaden your mindset and learn from the very experienced faculty, who have lived this journey.

Award: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQHDsYbZ9P8&list=PLtrbh42hbiPr9x7ucv6B_Zwi9ZX7E0Fk9&index=5

Period of study at AIT:   2009 – 2013

Current Job:

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand

How does your experience at AIT benefit your current job:

“I had a really good experience there. At AIT, I learned a lot about research methodology and knowledge in the field of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, which I did not know previously. I have improved my creative and research skills to enhance the ability to identify problems or issues, conduct literature review, think rationally and analyze information, and come up with viable solutions to those problems in a manner that brings me to a solution in my workplace, KMITL. Using these guidelines, I have been able to make a good research paper. I have received a certificate of achievement for excellence in contributing to the enhancement of the KMITL reputation for the second-consecutive year, 2018 and 2019. In addition, my experience at AIT helps not only me but also my students at KMITL to set the right tone for our successful journey in research. I am able to grow and develop myself professionally.”

Message to the current and prospective ISE students:

“AIT is a good place to study. The staff take care of their students. In addition to all that experience, AIT will give you a depth in field that short programs and work experience can’t provide you. AIT includes courses on theory and research that give you the proficiency in science and math. All of these courses, projects, exams and group work will give you the critical thinking experience and confidence to perform duties competitively and satisfactorily in the workplace.”


MSc: August 2010 – May 2012

PhD.: January 2015 – December 2018


Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology, University of Vocational Technology, Sri Lanka


I have obtained both my MSc and Ph.D. from ISE-AIT in the field of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. There, I was able to get a good academic and research experience. At present, I am working as a Senior Lecturer at a university in Sri Lanka. The knowledge and academic exposure I gained from the ISE program immensely help me to carry out the functions of my job as a university academic. Especially the research experience I got from ISE made me very confident in teaching and research activities in my university.


Being a graduate of the ISE program of AIT, I can confidently state that I gained far more than I anticipated. I was lucky to be a student of world-renowned academics of various countries who have extensive knowledge, professional and research expertise. The study programs at ISE are very well organized, curricula are up to date and in par with current industry requirements. The facilities and other infrastructure in the institute are above the standards, and the staff is extremely helpful.  Apart from the academic life, I had the opportunity to live in a diversified environment with many students from different countries that allowed me to learn how to collaborate with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and cultures and eventually to build up a good network. The current and prospective students, obtain your postgraduate degree from this excellent study program, enjoy every moment of your life at AIT, and rediscover yourself.

Period of study 2012-2018.

Current job: Lecturer and Researcher at Khon Kaen University

It was a fruitful experience. I gained both high-quality courses, great supervisors and supports from many officers. I brought the knowledge and ideas for creative thinking in innovation and engineering from AIT. For a few years after graduation, I invented many products such as non-invasive glucose sensor, non-invasive AKI diagnosis, Telemedicine system with AI-assisted, Real-time tuberculosis counter from microscopy, TB Pillbox Telepharmacy  System, KKU Real-time Portable PM Cloud Sensors, Smart glass for water-intake controlled patients, Mobile and Desktop Application for Big Data Acquisition in Agriculture, etc. (6 software licenses, 2 patents, and Q1 journal publications)

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