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AIT Received In-kind Donation from i-bitz Company Limited

03 Dec 2021
AIT webmaster

Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs

Mr. Prasong Pateepermpong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at i-bitz Company Limited agreed to provide in-kind donation of the Vallaris software to the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (RS&GIS) program, Department of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), School of Engineering & Technology (SET). 

The Vallaris is Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing platform that provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web mapping tools for storage, analysis, and visualization in a web browser developed by i-bitz company.  This software will be used to support student’s research and study activities for RS&GIS program.

AIT President Dr. Eden Woon expressed his appreciation and sincere thanks to Mr. Prasong.  He mentioned that this software would help RS&GIS students with the advanced tools to familiarize with new geospatial and mapping platforms to integrate information from distributed sources of geospatial data effectively.  This in-kind donation is very much appreciated.