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New Dual Degree Master’s Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with Brunel University London

03 Jan 2022
AIT webmaster

Office of Public Affairs

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Brunel University London (BUL) on 7 December 2021 signed an agreement to offer a new Dual Degree Master’s Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence beginning in August 2022.

Students of the new international program will spend one year at AIT in Thailand and another year at BUL in the United Kingdom, and earn two degrees by fulfilling all academic requirements of both institutions.

The AIT – BUL academic partnership brings together universities who share a vision of working towards a brighter sustainable future. The tie-up aims to produce top-level researchers, technological advancement, as well as assist in achieving sustainability, officials said.

At a virtual signing ceremony connecting senior officials and faculty of BUL in London with their AIT counterparts in Bangkok, AIT President Dr. Eden Woon emphasized that the institute’s motto – “Social Impact with Innovation” – speaks to AIT’s positioning to support and achieve sustainable development. “A lot of our technologies and education and research really support applications for sustainability,” President Woon said.

President Woon underscored that what AIT can bring to the partnership table is not limited to advanced knowledge, expertise and experience in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Data Science, but also a familiarity with many of the world’s critical challenges such as environment, food, water, energy, climate change, and society and policy.

“Students who participate in the upcoming dual degree program will gain insights into these matters together with an advanced understanding of Data Science,” President Woon said.

BUL Vice Chancellor and President Prof. Julia Buckingham in her remarks stated the international dual degree program represents an exciting journey into the areas of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with wider implications. The program will not only generate successful graduates, but by their going out into the world, they will take with them knowledge of sustainability that can be applied in different ways in their lives, Vice Chancellor Buckingham said.

President Woon shared his gratitude towards both parties for making this dual degree possible, adding that global education is crucial to AIT, “We take these types of academic programs and collaborations such as this important partnership with BUL very seriously and very passionately.”

The strong relationship between AIT and BUL began in May 2019 when President Woon visited the BUL campus in London and met with senior-level leadership. Following a return visit by Vice Chancellor Buckingham to the AIT campus in July of the same year, BUL and AIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 23 October 2019 in Bangkok that paved the way for the Dual Degree Master’s Program and many potential collaborations.

Brunel University London is a renowned university in the United Kingdom and one of British universities established in the 1960s. BUL possesses strengths in engineering, science, technology, and social sciences

BUL has over 12,900 students / Undergraduates (9,840) / Postgraduates (3,285) / Doctoral students 974, and 2,500 staff. The university ranks as the 93rd best university worldwide in the field of engineering and technology, 32nd among European institutions, and 11th among British institutions, according to THE World Ranking. In addition, Brunel is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the European University Association, and Universities UK.

More information: https://www.brunel.ac.uk/