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AIT Students Explore Innovative Construction Techniques at Terra Residence

28 Feb 2024
School of Engineering and Technology

By Alistina Shrestha 

28 February 2024: Students from the Structural Engineering Program, School of Engineering and Technology, went on an exciting site visit to the Terra Residence, which is currently under construction, in Rangsit. Faculty members Prof. Dieter TrauDr. Krishna Chaitanya, and Dr. Khin Myat Kyaw went on the trip with them. The trip provided the students with invaluable insights into innovative construction techniques.

The Terra Residence project stands tall, with 35 floors nearing completion and finishing works underway. During the visit, students were introduced to various cost-effective techniques employed in the construction process, highlighting the project’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

One of the notable techniques observed was the utilization of post-tensioning to reduce slab thickness, enhancing structural integrity while minimizing material usage. A comprehensive approach to affordability and sustainability was also demonstrated by using flat slabs, reducing building costs.

Moreover, the incorporation of chicken mesh in walls before plastering displayed a practical approach to improving wall strength and durability. This method helps to increase the structural resilience and lifespan of the building.

The use of slip-form techniques for concreting the lift shaft was another noteworthy observation made during the visit. This method ensures a smooth and efficient construction process, resulting in the timely completion of vertical elements with precision and accuracy.

Rahul Kasaudhan, a structural engineering student shared his excitement about the visit, saying, “I went to the Terra Residence construction site with other students. I learned about affordable construction, sustainable materials, and cool techniques like post-tensioning and flat slabs. A great chance to see theory come to life!”

Overall, the site visit to Terra Residence strengthened the students’ academic knowledge and equipped them for upcoming challenges in the field of structural engineering by giving them a firsthand understanding of innovative construction practices.

We extend our gratitude to the Terra Residence Team for offering our students the invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience through this visit to their building.

Terra Residence Rangsit offers a modern living experience in a vibrant community. Situated amidst lush greenery, it provides a serene retreat while conveniently located near essential amenities and transportation hubs. With thoughtfully designed residences boasting contemporary architecture and high-quality finishes, Terra Residence Rangsit promises comfort and style. 

Terra Residence