Welcome to School of Engineering & Technology

Our students, faculty and staff are driven by the idea that their work will have an impact in the world.

Welcome to School of Engineering & Technology

A trailblazer in advanced technological education in the region, with leadership in industrially oriented multidisciplinary programs.

Welcome to School of Engineering & Technology

A leader in the professional development of technologically competent world citizens who play creative roles in regional and transnational projects, with awareness of environmental and societal implications of technologies.

Welcome to School of Engineering & Technology

A hub for implementing cutting-edge research in partnership with the industries, and in networking with academic and research institutions of the region and the world.

About the school

School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is the synergistic integration in November 2005 of the two former Schools, namely, the School of Civil Engineering (SCE) and the School of Advanced Technologies (SAT). Historically, these two schools came into existence only in January 1993 when the Institute reorganized the need to reform its academic structure from smaller-sized units called “Divisions” to larger bodies named “Schools”.

Our mission & vision

To develop highly qualified engineers and technologists who play leading roles in promoting the region’s industrial competitiveness in its integration into the global economy.

To become a unique and prestigious multicultural hub of higher learning in engineering and technology, offering state-of-the-art multidisciplinary programs and cutting-edge research in partnership with the industries for sustainable growth of the region.

Our Departments
School of Engineering and Technology (SET) provides students with a deeply transformative experience. Explore degrees and majors

Facts and figures

Faculty from 8 countries
Students from 20 countries
Alumni from 100+ countries
Sponsored Research Projects

Why study at our school

Ranked 1st in International Orientation in Thailand
Top 2 engineering institute in Thailand
Ranked 7 in Asia Diversity
Ranked 18 in the world in Return on Inverstment

Message from the Dean

Thank you for your interest in the School of Engineering and Technology (SET). Our mission focuses on the three key areas:

  • Prepare graduates to solve 21st century global and societal challenges.
  • Create & disseminate new knowledge in engineering & technology.
  • Engage and develop students to become leaders in their field through scholarship & service.

The School of Engineering and Technology has a legacy of more than 60 years in offering engineering education, research, and outreach activities to develop qualified professionals who can provide solutions to global and societal challenges.  Our school is offering 17 academic programs under three departments namely: Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (CIE), Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Department of Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE). All departments offer unique curricula and conducting research to address global and societal challenges such as designing safe infrastructure, addressing disruptive technologies, water insecurity, climate change and providing technologically advanced solutions to improve the health quality.

Our school is hosting several research and outreach centers and they are active for R&D and developing solutions, executive education and providing consultancy services that directly address the challenges faced by the society, international agencies and private enterprises. Centre for Wellness & Health Technologies and Centre for Water & Climate Adaptation are newly established centers at SET.

Our world-class faculty members are committed to lifelong learning, bringing research into pedagogy and the development of professional engineers who become leaders and work in multi-disciplinary teams. Our students graduate with global outreach, vast international network, team leadership & entrepreneurial skills instilled by their faculty members. Our high job placement rates and global recognition of our faculty, staff and student demonstrate the value of an academic degree and serving in the school.

Whether you are a student or faculty aspiring to solve global and societal challenges, there is no better place to start than the School of Engineering and Technology at AIT. I invite you to join us on this rewarding journey as we shape a better tomorrow for the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world together.

Prof. Sangam Shrestha
Dean l School of Engineering and Technology
Co-Director l Global Water & Sanitation Center
Professor l Water Engineering and Management

Academic programs

School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is home to three 3 departments, 19 programs, and 6 centers. Please explore the academic programs we offer.

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