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Master’s in International Finance (M/MSc IF)


A Master’s in International Finance is designed for those wanting to work in dynamic financial markets, and will be taught by both academics and financial market practitioners. It is designed to provide graduates with the underlying theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical skills, to apply these concepts. Students will learn to identify how industry practice builds upon theory, and to develop practical approaches to investing and risk management. This program is currently being reviewed by CFA with the aim of allowing ‘IF’ students to take Level 1-3 CFA exams.


Those on this program either have some finance experience or come from a range of disciplines (law, social science, engineering, business etc) and want to learn more about the finance industry – taught by industry experts


  • Valuation & Investments 
  • Capital Markets 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Financial Accounting and Decision-Making 
  • Managing Risk 
  • International Finance in ASEAN: Wealth Management to Infrastructure finance 
  • Developing leadership skills for the financial workplace 
  • Managerial Economics 
  • Change Management 
  • Responsible & Sustainable Management Decision Making  


Dr. Syed S. Khan

Assistant Professor & Program Director of International Finance Program

Phone: (66-2) 524-5663

E-mail: [email protected]